BIDDING - Surf To Turf

Location:        1100 Independent Ave.
Accepting Proposals by Email:        No Later than 2:00pm on Thursday May 30th  2024.
RFI’s by Email:         No Later than 2:00 pm on Friday May 17th 2024.
Project Scope:       Restaurant interior remodel. Work includes, light gauge framing, rough carpentry, FRP, gypboard, insulation, sealants, HM and WD doors/hardware, glazing, floor prep, flooring, base, ACT, painting, signage, plumbing, mechanical, electrical.
Taxes:             Please include material sales tax.
Bid Form:      Be sure to include a cost breakdown of your proposal.
Project Schedule:
            Pre-Submittal Question Deadline:      5/17/2024 no later than 2:00pm
            Deadline for Proposal Submittal:       5/30/2024 no later than 2:00pm
            Anticipated Construction Duration:    August 2024 – January 2025
Please complete the lower portion of this ITB to let us know if you are bidding and email to the email address below.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at (970) 245-9343.  Thank you.
Dawson Springer
Ford Construction Company, Inc.